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Reliable Building Services (RBS) provides focused technical support activities for building owners, engineers, and contractors.


Our service region is primarily the New England area. Projects outside of our normal service region are considered based on client relationships and specific project requirements.

We offer our clients over 36 years’ experience with facility management, automated systems and building commissioning services.


We specialize in critically controlled environments within healthcare, education, research, government, and manufacturing.

Our commissioning services provide in-depth evaluation for a variety of building systems throughout design and construction.


Detailed integration review confirms installed equipment continuously performs to required expectations.


This approach assures each commissioned system performs reliably and to optimal


When providing services associated with FDA or USDA regulated industries, our commissioning documentation is developed in adherence to the client’s good documentation practices for both direct and indirect impact systems, allowing commissioning documents to be utilized by the validation process.

Our extensive control background and integration knowledge provides a solid technical
foundation for our diagnostic and troubleshooting services. Our clients rely on our ability to accurately identify problematic areas within building systems and to facilitate cost-effective resolutions.


Our desire is to provide a comprehensive and collaborative service tailored to meet your specific project needs.

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